Where is TIKEHAU FAFARUA LODGE Private Island?

How to get to TIKEHAU?

You will find this information on  this page http://www.fafarualodge.com/en/how-get-tikehau


What is the best season to come in TIKEHAU?

The climate of Polynesia -defined as marine tropical- is hot (average air temperature is 26.5°C) and humid (hygrometry : 75%) but tempered by the ocean.  Temperatures range between 23°C and 30°C all year through and lagoon water temperature varies between 23°C and 26°C.Thus, Polynesia is submitted to northeast and southeast trade winds converging to the equatorial zone which create 2 distinguished seasons : the dry season and the humid season.

  • The dry season -also called Austral winter- taking place between April and October brings an expected coolness, July and August being the coolest months of the year due to southeast trade winds calledmaraamu. As a consequence a cotton sweater will often be enjoyable in the evening (or early in the morning).
  • The humid season - also called Austral summer starts in November and ends in March. It brings mugginess, humidity as well as heavier and more frequent rains than in the dry season. During that season, tropical storms may occur. 

How many persons at most can you accommodate ?

We can accommodate 2 to 8 people even though our sleeping capacity can be greater.

Do you have an internet access on the island ?

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Where does the electricity come from on the island ?

Electricity is produced entirely by a solar installation which can be relayed in case of need, by a generator that can run on coconut oil.

What type of voltage is required ?

Outlets/sockets deliver 220V. They are of European style, identical to those found in France.

Is there running water on the island ?

There is a running water circuit on the island, powered by the storage of rainwater collected on roofs. We make our best not to use the natural groundwater reserves of the motu.
Our water circuit delivers hot and cold water in quantities suitable for comfortable use. We invite everyone to be careful not to waste this precious resource.

Is there a television on the island ?

No, we deliberately did not set up the television. However, the internet access enables to keep abreast of the latest news and to stay connected with the outside world if desired.

What are the possibilities of medical care ?

A minimum medical service is provided at all times at the infirmary in Tikehau which is in continuous contact with the Emergency Services in Tahiti. In case of support after transfer can be provided by hospitals and private clinics in Tahiti who have medical and surgical equipment and teams in line with modern European standards. We recommend the purchase of travel insurance that includes medical coverage and medical evacuation.

Is it possible to request a special diet ?

We offer a family French cooking, and voluntarily use mostly fish of the island and fresh local produce. We strive to introduce you to some specific dishes of the Tuamotu. However, we will do our best to accommodate your tastes and your desires knowing that we will need sufficient time to manage the orders necessary to the realization of a different type of cooking. The opportunities to obtain supplies on the island are very limited and deliveries by cargo only take place once a week. Therefore special orders must take into account these delivery times. Do not hesitate to let us know as soon as possible your requests, and we will do our best to satisfy you.

Does the island have an extensive wine cellar ?

We have a sampling of wines stored in our cellar and various alcohols which will be charged as incurred (we can provide a list and rates upon request).

If you want specific products we can order them and put them at your disposal. You will be asked to pay 50% in advance to order.

Que dois-je faire? Quel équipement est a ma disposition?

Please download this PDF document for an overview of what to bring and our room inventory.