The Private island

Tikehau Fafarua Lodge is a private motu : when you rent it, it is exclusively booked for you.

It is also a very isolated place where you can enjoy unspoilt natural in privacy.


It is located south east of the atoll, accessible only by the lagoon, 30 minutes by boat from the village. This side of the island is home to a succession of islands with beautiful beaches of white and pink coral sands that are sheltered from the prevailing winds by the coconut plantations.

The "motu", which is part of a group of islands called Fafarua by the elders (which means "the Manta Ray"), spreads over an area of ​​6 hectares, planted with a vast coconut grove and a portion of untouched native vegetation. It is bounded by the sea on all four sides, with a beach on the lagoon, a side on the edge of the ocean with a reef, and on each side, a channel linking the ocean and the lagoon.


You can enjoy all day long all aspects of the natural life in the Tuamotu, whether you go for a swim at the beach which is entirely dedicated to you, have long walks on the reef to discover the wonders of coral structures, stretching as far as the eye can see, or explore the "hoa" (or channels), real natural aquariums.


Inside, under the coconut trees, you will enjoy the relative coolness of the shaded areas, the typical vegetation of the Tuamotu and the efforts of man to control nature, such as the making of copra (coconut oil), while leaving its natural expression .

Located 20 kilometers from the village, it offers a perfect isolation in a picture-postcard landscape.

Due to the round shape of the atoll it is equidistant from the village, the channel or the beaches of the long "motu" located on the Eastern area of the atoll. Only a few small boats pass each other from time to time, going to a fishing spot or a family coconut grove, but fails to break the tranquility of the place.