How to get to Tikehau?

Everyday flights tfrom Tahiti, Bora Bora, Rangiroa or Fakarava to come to our private island in Tikehau.

Getting to Tahiti by plane: International Air Travel

International airlines serving the main city of PAPEETE in TAHITI are:

  • AIR TAHITI NUI : Tahiti main international air carrier from Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland, Sydney and Tokyo.
  • AIR FRANCE : from Paris and Los Angeles
  • AIR NEW ZEALAND: from Australia via Auckland and from Los Angeles
  • AIR CALIN: from Australia via Noumea and Auckland
  • LAN CHILE: from Santiago via Easter Island

Various companies such as QANTAS, BRITISH AIRWAYS and DELTA AIRLINES are partnering with these companies.



From Tahiti to Tikehau: domestic flight.

Air travel between the islands is provided by the domestic company AIR TAHITI. 

ATR planes bring you to TIKEHAU from PAPEETE in 50 minutes by direct flights.

For instance, you will find a table showing the number of flights to and from TIKEHAU in January 2014                                               

                                                NUMBER OF FLIGHTS

  Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
TAHITI-TIKEHAU 1 1 1 0/1 1 1 1
RANGIROA-TIKEHAU 0/1   1   1 1 1
BORA BORA-TIKEHAU     1 0/1   1 1
RAIATEA-TIKEHAU       0/1     1


  Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
TIKEHAU-PAPEETE 1 1 1 0/1 1 2 2
TIKEHAU-RANGIROA 1 1 1 0/1   1 1


Daily flights are available between TAHITI and TIKEHAU sometimes twice a day.

Some flights from RANGIROABORA-BORARAIATEA can able you not to go back to TAHITI during touristic roundtrips.

The arrival or departure times of international flights may lead you to make a one night stop on the island of Tahiti. We will be happy to assist you in organizing your connecting flights or transfers in the best conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us about it.



Our GPS cordinates:

DMS (degree, minute, second)   :    15°02’11 ‘’ S  148°04’25’’ W

DD  (decimal degree)   :   Latitude : -15.0363889     Longitude : -148.07361111111112    





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