Beyond the private island, you can find a lot to see, here are some of excursions that you can do when resting at the Fafarua Lodge.

The boat of the motu can accommodate 8 passengers and is available for guests to organize as they wish all trips inside the lagoon and around the pass.
Multiple sites have an undeniable tourist interest and the boat driver can take those who want to :

  • the bird island
  • meet the Manta Rays
  • Visit the channel fish pens
  • Browse the pink sand beaches
  • Explore the ancient village on the long island at the opposite of the atoll (called "secteur")
  • Visit the motu where the actual village is
  • Visit the organic farming community on the EDEN motu
  • Other ...

These excursions can be organized upon request, depending on the weather and sea conditions, and are available only to guests of the motu. Schedules and destinations are flexible and will be established as you wish. Picnics can be provided.