Ecology and environment

Ecology and environment preservation are constant concerns for us

The use of materials

Since setting up the project till its operation, any choice has been directed by natural environment preservation and use of local resources 

We are engaged in a process of environmental certification from a local reference and an international organization.
For example, we have deliberately chosen to use the installations on the motu, and renovate rather than destroy and bring new materials both for the sake of authenticity and desire to minimize the external inputs.

We used materials from the motu whenever possible without impacting the natural balance that we have found.

Electricity is produced entirely by a solar installation which can be relayed in the exceptional case of need, by a generator that can run on coconut oil.

Water harvesting

While there are no rivers or water system nearby, the amount of water necessary to the comfort of our guests are provided with large reserves of rainwater collected on roofs. It exists on the "motu" natural reserves of groundwater from which we only use small amounts to avoid breaking the fragile balance of natural water supplies useful to the existing vegetation.


Of course we use a sorting process of waste. A part is kept on hand to feed the fish of our natural aquarium, or to enrich the soil, the rest is fed regularly brought to the village which has the only municipal waste disposal in the archipelago.


Our vegetables and honey come as much as possible from a community that resort to organic farming a few islets from the motu.
Of course, seafood, fish, crustaceans or shellfish that we fish or that a local fisherman brings us have peerless freshness and liven up our meals.