French cuisine, Polynesian recipes and variety of fresh seafood, you will enjoy

For exclusive motu guests, meal times and menus will be adapted to your requests

Supply and restoration are fully insured by the staff of the motu. Meal times, and to the extent possible the menus, are organized by the hostess according to the guests’ wishes.

Breakfast is hearty, as it is a meal in itself. Special time in the organization of the day, it is a convivial time, adapted to the wishes of the guests. Lunch often occurring during an excursion, and at a time of high heat, will consist of snack type salads or raw fish. Dinner will be served after the aperitif or a cocktail and a meal will be cooked or grilled prioritizing fish and local products in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our fish supply comes from our fishing or that of a fisherman who lives in the area.

Whenever we can, we get our supplies of fresh vegetables from a community that makes organic farming a few minutes by boat from the house.
We make it a point of honor to make you taster the typical dishes of the archipelago and of Polynesia, such as IPO, Faraoa 'Uto, Faraoa Tupa'i, Maoa Taioro, raw fish, fresh fish grilled on iri iri (coral gravel etc.) ...
Throughout the day, tea, coffee, fresh water and homemade lemonade are available to guests. Other drinks, juices, sodas, beers, wines and spirits are available and will be recorded as incurred at the displayed rates.