• A private island ...
    ...just for you
  • Need freedom, open spaces
    and comfort ?
  • The lagoon is missing you
    Activities or just having rest, you choose !
  • Unforgettable moments….
    …extraordinary encounters

On our private island...

FAFARUA means Manta Ray in the Tuamotu islands language, and it is the name the atoll  elders gave to the land of our private island.


TIKEHAU FAFARUA LODGE is a private island that you can rent exclusively for yourself. It is also a very remote place where you can enjoy a natural untouched setting in little privacy.

The accommodation is comfortable and built in the typical style of the Tuamotu. There are three single bedrooms. One is elevated and has a large bed. The two other bedrooms both have a large bed and a single bed. The large living room can possibly provide additional space to sleep. 

In addition to the inside dining room and lounge you will find an external lounge covered with coconut palms  called "fare potee" and an outside table, protected under the shadow of a tree for lunch or dinner in the candle

The island will host two to six people, but only one couple or one group at a time

The meals , catering and housekeeping will be provided by the staff staying on the island, who will try their best to meet your desires for the schedules as well as the menus.

Kayaks, stand up paddle boards as well as masks and palms are on disposal to help you explore the beaches and the surroudings.

The motu’s boat and its captain will be at your disposal for free to show you around the atoll of Tikehau with every day excursions or  fishing trips inside the lagoon.

A car with driver is also on disposal for visiting the island of the village.

Our rates include all these services and accomodations and the staff will do their best to make your stay as quite as unforgetable, in one of these special places of the world where the word "stress" doesn't exist.....







Mean temperature - 28°C

Water temperature - 27°C

Peaceful - 24h/24

Stress level - 0


Un petit bout de paradis


Vous avez envie de vous retrouver chez vous au bout du monde? C'est l'endroit rêvé! Un motu (petite île) rien que pour vous, maison, chic et simple, éco-friendly, table excellente, vous n'avez rien à penser, juste ce que vous allez faire dans la demi-heure qui suit.... Ballades en mer, sur le récif de jour comme de nuit, baignade ou plongée, où vous voulez, quand vous voulez. Le bateau et son pilote sont à votre disposition et surtout l'accueil y est extra, vous n'avez simplement pas envie de partir! Merci Eva et Patrick de nous avoir fait découvrir ce petit bout de paradis, Sophie-Marie, Henri-Pierre, Rémi et Juliette.

Sophie Marie, PAPEETE, POLYNESIE FRANCAISE (vu sur TripAdvisor) FEVRIER 2016



Chaque semaine suivez l'initiation à la pêche à la mouche d'un jeune habitant des Tuamotus

The fly-fishing in salt water, especially fishing Bonefish, gets more and more interests. The tropical seas are explored in search of the best "flats" and new destinations to discover.